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Crunching Numbers

I have way too much time on my hands now that I’m semi-retired.  Someone asked me this morning where the most Wirehaired Dachshunds are in Canada.  Is that something I should know?  I sat puzzled for a few minutes, trying to decide why that information would be important to that person or to me for that matter.  Then some light bulbs started going off in my head.  Granted they were more like 20 watts rather than 100 watts, but as dim as they were, they gave me something to think about.

We show almost every weekend and most often we are the only Standard Wirehaired Dachshunds entered.  I need to understand the numbers so I can be realistic about my dog’s chances at shows, otherwise, I may get discouraged and quit showing.  I need to understand where I may need to go in Canada to be competitive.  I would need to know how to use my money to best advantage.
I sat down at my computer and went to my favorite Dog Show Site, Canuck Dogs.  That site can give you stats on most every show related event you can think of.  There is probably a formula or algorithm that I could have plugged in to give me the numbers easily, but I had to cheat off Brenda Tolbert in High School Algebra  so you can understand I must work harder to get to the same end.  So, 3 hours later, with burning shoulders and bored out of my mind with the whole process, , I came up with some interesting numbers.

I have no way of knowing how many Standard Wirehaired Dachshunds are currently living in Canada.  I am sure if I asked the CKC, they would have helped me with how many are registered in Canada and then break it down by Provinces. But, I decided I really just need to know how many are showing this year. 

·       BC has the most Wirehaired Dachshunds showing in conformation on any given weekend.  On average, there are 2.77 dogs showing per show there. 

·       Manitoba has 2.25 dogs per show.

·       Quebec came in third with 1.8 dogs.

·       Alberta and New Brunswick tied for fourth.  They each have 1.5 dogs per show.

·       Newfoundland was fifth with 1 WH Doxie per show.

·       Saskatchewan coming in sixth has .75 dogs per show.

·       Ontario bringing in next to last with .68 dogs per show.  (I tossed out the Dachshund National held in Ontario this year because it was going to throw the real average off.  There were 7 total Standard Wirehaired Dachshunds at the Canadian National.  L

·       Last but not least is Nova Scotia. It was only last because my friend who normally shows there wasn't in the country the first few months of the year, so Nova Scotia’s number will be really different the last half of the year because she will be showing.  They came in at .6 dogs per show.

You are saying, what the hell is she talking about?  I can hear you!  Patience!  I am getting there. 

We get almost no competition in Ontario.  We must rely on getting our points in Hound group.   That is important to know.  If I want to go to where the competition is, I need to go to British Columbia.
Ontario has a very strong hound group.  We have Canada’s # 1 Basenji, who is also #2 Hound; we have the # 1 Beagle and who is the #3 Hound. It goes on and on how strong our Hound Group competition is here.  We have the #1 & 2 whippet and they hold the # 6 and #8 respectively in the Hound Group.  The #1 Borzoi and #7 Hound Group is competing in Ontario.  

Deep breath!   

Before everyone thinks I’m complaining....stop!  I’m Not! But without understanding the numbers, I might sit and spin my wheels.  Will we go outside of Ontario to compete?  Maybe!  

Even with this strong hound group, here are some really good numbers; we have achieved 9 group placements, 1 RBIS and 1 BB in a specialty so far this year in Canada.  I’d say those are some great numbers considering we have only really been showing in Canada this year since the end of May and have done 8 show weekends so far in 2013. 

These numbers tell me that we are on the right track.  Judges are recognizing Cara’s quality and she deserves to compete with the best hounds in Canada. 

Now while the calculator is hot, I’ll work on my show budget.  Where are we going next?  Who are our judges?  What’s the competition going to look like?  Is there electrical and water for our RV?  I can’t wait to see our friends.  It’s all so exciting.

                                    This survey was my first attempt at conducting a formal survey.  Thanks for all the support and the great emails and messages I received, telling me you like the idea.

Here is the results of last week's survey.  I will have a survey per month.  If you have a question you would like to have surveyed, send it to me and I'll include it.

I will send each survey result to Lance Novak, Ex Director of CKC. I think the surveys are a good example of the pulse of the Dog Fancy.  
   Results of Last Week's Survey

·       Do you feel that you are well informed on what the CKC is doing on behalf of its members?  


                    Yes    =        7.04%

                    Somewhat = 46.48%

                    No      =        46.48%


·       Do you know or have you ever spoken with your Zone Director?


Yes    =        71.83%

No      =        28.17%


·       What has been your experience with using CKC services such as registrations, points verification, customer service?


Excellent  = 14.08%

Good        = 59.15%

Poor          = 26.76%



·       Do you have a concern about how the CKC responds to critical dog fancy or breed issues?


No, Very Satisfied = 0%

Sometimes I have concern = 25.35%

Yes, Never Know What the CKC is doing = 36.62%

Absolutely concerned that the CKC is doing what the members need and want = 38.03%



·       Do you have a concern that the CKC isn't doing enough to support and safeguard Dock/Crop protection for breeders?


CKC should take a stronger stance to protect our rights to Crop/Dock = 42.25%

CKC is doing a good job with the Crop/Dock issue = 19.72%

CKC is totally failing on the Crop/Dock issue = 38.03%



·       Would you like your Zone Director to conduct town meetings to hear from their members and to take direction from the members on major issues?


Yes = 92.96%

No  =   7.04% 


·       Would you be interested in participating in Webinars hosted by the CKC to communicate information to its members on such topics as How to Register Your Foreign Born Dog; How to Register your Litter, etc.


Very Interested = 12.68%

Would consider giving it a try = 56.34%

Not interested = 30.99%


·       Do you think dog shows are fun?


Yes = 26.76%

Sometimes = 67.61%

No = 5.63%


·       Are politics a problem in our sport?


Yes, absolutely = 74.65%

Perhaps sometimes = 25.35%

No, I don’t think it’s a problem = 0%


·       Would you support several kennel clubs going in together to organize shows to lower cost and increase entries?


Yes = 69.01%

Maybe = 25.35%

No = 5.63%


Remember to watch for "Nice Deeds".  They are happening all around us.  Let's talk about the people helping others.   Send your "Nice Deeds" to me at 

Be sure to go to Canuck Dogs,, to see all the upcoming events and to check stats.  You should  bookmark it.  That's where you will find my blog. 


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